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Cyclists Welcome

It just so happens that Phil Gilbert, Beans owner, is a keen cyclist, so we are a very cycle-friendly cafe. Not only do we serve great ethical coffee and tea, but home-made cakes of all shapes, sizes and flavours to suit everyone – and we even make vegan cakes too – so cyclists and non-cyclists should all be happy!

Throw in the fact that you can have your cereal, porridge or hot drink with dairy (red, green or blue), soya, almond or oat milk, and you can see why we are loved by everyone who has a passion for keeping fit and healthy.

PLUS, for any cyclist who may find themselves needing some emergency maintenance (to their bike, not them – there are limits to what we can do!), we have a supply of tools, spares and locks which can be used free of charge. There’s even a cycle work stand!

Given that we’re situated in the centre of some beautiful cycling terrain, we really can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to stop by and say hello!